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Although we are located in Los Angeles, California, we've shockingly never been invited to the Oscars. This, quite frankly, we find to be terribly troubling. It's true, technically speaking, we're not thespians. Are we thespians? Nay, we're halvatiers, a different kind of thespian. A new kind of thespian. Not thespians. Nevertheless, we continue to strive for the stars, crafting premium, authentic halva, a halva that is its own kind of star, except made from tahini instead of... star power. More importantly, our halva is made with select ingredients, to both honor its humble origins and celebrate its grand possibilities.

To halvalovers new and old, we welcome you with open arms, with a great big hug of halva.

And guess what... All of our current halva flavors are gluten free, kosher, vegan and delicious.

Halva, Halvah, Helva, Helvasi,
Halwa, Halawa, Halvas

  • חלבה
  • حلاوة
  • حلوا
  • Χαλβάς

What gives?

The Origin of Halva

Along with many things that originate from the Levant**, 'halva' has a storied history. It has traversed many centuries and many borders, and as a result, it has acquired many names. We have decided to call ours halva. That being said, we have much respect for the other spellings and wish one day to build a strong and lasting relationship with the other orthographies.

Let's leave this to the historians and agree that it doesn't matter how it's spelled; what matters is that, after eating, you will likely feel like dancing.

** We're not leaving out the Indian Subcontinent, the Caucasus, the Balkans, Africa, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, or everywhere else. You are halva brothers and sisters too, and make tremendously delicious halvas. We appreciate you.


Hey Folks, just a quick Heads-Up... Due to a work sabbatical, Hebel & Co will temporarily be unable to ship halva until 04/23/19. That's April 23rd, 2019.

You may feel free to continue with your purchase; just be aware your packages won't depart until the aforementioned date.

Please reach out with any questions.