About Hebel & Co

Hi Halvalovers, we’re Halvatiers.

The longer version of the story is a bit more nuanced. We shall attempt to hark back with tremendous accuracy.

Sometime in the twentieth century, two Halvalovers from the shores of the Mediterranean set off for the shores of Queens, New York, bringing with them their love of halva. Per the use of the word nuance in the title of this section, this would be a very short story if they had brought along a recipe. They did not. Hence the longer story.

Thus The story continues...

Decades later, on a napkin.

Maybe yes, maybe no, who can say, but that’s how we like to remember it. Very romantic. There we were—descendants of the aforementioned Halvalovers—dreaming up how we could make for you the most sophisticated halva in the universe, drawing up the plans on a very small, slightly wet napkin (see below). That was our mission, we agreed, to create for you a halva like no other, one that would make you question the very reality of reality. Premium, organic ingredients in halva? Unheard of!

Until our little napkin came along.

Alien Technology?????

On this napkin (as seen, actual napkin) was a complex arrangement of percentages and fractions that would produce the most sophisticated halva in the universe. Having aced algebra... Trigonometry. Calculus. Hmm... Fra...ctionometry. There was absolutely no chance the arithmetic on the napkin was correct. No chance at all.

Ask yourself the following question:

"when was the last time I tried to use fractions?"

Exactly. They’re nuts. We will grant there are some people who know how to use fractions, but that’s hardly the point, and you probably don’t know any of these people.

After The Great Napkin produced zero results—at least in terms of halva—we hit the ground running, i.e., we started over with a roomier notebook and larger sketches


It was a colossal and spectacular nightmare, but we persevered, as we are wont to do.

After one trillion calculations and experiments, we exclaimed with great accomplishment:

We’ve done it! We’ve produced the most sophisticated halva in the universe!

It has been our great pleasure to usher in a new generation of halva, wherein our emphasis on ingredients and taste tell a new story of halva.

Our favorite ways to eat halva include, but are not limited to, putting it on everything.

Thanks so much for being here

We highly recommend that you try our halva.

It’s the best.