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Located in Los Angeles, California, Hebel & Co. is a purveyor of premium, authentic halva. Our halva is made with select ingredients, to both honor its origins and celebrate its possibilities.

A little bit of history...

(approximately 3000 years)

Sometime in the twentieth century, two immigrants from Israel arrive in the United States, bringing with them their love of halva—and this would be a very short history if they had brought along a recipe. They did not. So instead the story takes many turns, all arriving, decades later, at a critical juncture, when one of their offspring, Scott, introduces Katie, to halva. Katie exclaims, "We should make it!"

Sooo... how'd it go?

People, we're talking 3000 years of history here. A little trial and error was to be expected. They buried their heads in history books, chemistry books, science journals, old texts, revisiting what seemed like the origin of time itself. They built complex contraptions, burned themselves, tried different techniques and ingredients, then built even more dangerous contraptions, which led to more severe burning. Smoke alarms went off. Sketches, drawings, more contraptions. They tasted, and tasted, and tasted. Perseverance.


Oceans of tahini and finding that oh-so-right combination of nuttiness, sweetness, and texture. Adhering to the principles of tradition, celebrating the incredibly storied history of halva, Hebel & Co. halva sings of its origins, but is driven by our modern desire for high quality ingredients.

And now...

Hebel & Co.’s halva is handmade in Los Angeles, with the finest available ingredients.

Our favorite ways to eat halva include, but are not limited to, putting it on everything.

But if we had to choose,
follow these simple steps...

  1. Warm up bread, soft or toasted, loads of gluten or no gluten: baguette, bagel, laffa, nan-e barbari, crepe, tortilla, pancake, pita, waffle, and spread a generous amount of halva.
  2. Shake your shoulders. You're dancing.
  3. Locate your mouth, place halva in mouth, close mouth, and enjoy your flaky, delicious, scrumptious, mouth-mesmerizing halva.

But seriously...

Don’t let that stop you from putting it on/in ice cream, cookies, cakes, donuts, muffins, croissants, strudels, and the world is your halva-oyster (just saying—it can be done). You are only limited by your imagination.

We are always thrilled to hear from you.


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