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What is halva?

Hmm... That's a big first question. Please see our what is halva page.

Why does your halva taste so good?

Very carefully selected organic and premium ingredients + strong shoulders = very delicious halva. We source the best ingredients available, and we craft what is considered to be a more difficult halva to make, with loads of tahini. Additionally, because of the process by which our halva is made, i.e. handmade, your mouth may experience unique sensations. We like to describe some of these sensations as flaky, cottony, crispy, airy, melt-on-your-tongue creaminess.

Where are the ingredients and/or nutritional content?

The ingredients and nutritional content can be found on each product's page. You will find a tab labeled NUTRITION. Click on it.

Is your halva kosher?

Sure is! Our friends over at Kosher LA have given us the official seal of approval. Kosher Certified.

Tahini, tahina, tehineh, tehina, I'm so confused. A little help?

You're not alone. Tahina can be spelled tehineh or tehina, but it's main ingredient is tahini. Tahini is milled and pressed sesame seeds and that's it, while tahina is a sauce with other bits and bobs like lemon juice and garlic. The sesame seeds in the tahini we use are roasted before they are pressed.

Why are there so many spellings of halva?

Along with many things that originate from the Levant, 'halva' has a storied history. It has traversed many centuries and many borders, and as a result, it has acquired many names. We call ours halva. That being said, we have much respect for the other spellings and wish one day to build a strong and lasting relationship with the other orthographies.

Should I be concerned with allergens or things of that nature?

Our halva is produced in a facility where allergens are present, and individual flavors dictate which allergens can be found in that flavor.

Is your halva vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free?

Please check individual flavors, but in most, if not all flavors, all of the above are true. No meat bits, no gluten bits, no soy bits, but again, please reach out if you're unsure.

Why does halva sometimes become a little oily or sticky?

Our halva is a natural food with no added preservatives. Just like chocolate, sometimes in the case of temperature fluctuations or moisture absorption, the outside can become a bit melted, a bit oily or a bit sticky. There are scientific terms for this activity that would likely make your eyes roll back into your head, but fear not, this is nothing to worry about. Just nature at work, nothing has gone horribly wrong. The monarch butterfly will still migrate (hopefully) and the halva may soften, but if you trim off an infinitesimally small outside layer, you'll find a magical treasure of born again halva.

How should I store your halva?

It kinda depends on your personality and your preferred consistency. You can store halva in a cool pantry for a somewhat softer texture, or in the fridge if you like things a little tense. We happen to like ours in the fridge, as the texture is just sublime. Most important is to keep it well covered, or tightly wrapped, and it will keep for about 1 year or so. That is of course if you have tremendous will power and are capable of feats of unnatural mind strength.

Why use palm oil? Is it sustainably sourced?

We use certified organic palm oil because it is a Non-GMO, non-hydrogenated, natural ingredient that minimizes oil separation, making for a more pleasant eating experience. Our certified organic palm oil is sustainably sourced with a zero-deforestation policy, and certified under a fully traceable supply chain model.

Where do you ship to?

Just about anywhere. Just plug the numbers and letters for your address into the machine and beem boom bop, we'll calculate shipping to your destination. Currently in the United States only 😢

What about wholesale?

You bet. Send inquiries here and we'll get back to you asap.

I have more questions I need answered.

Phone a friend for all matters unrelated to our halva. Otherwise send us a message over yonder.