what is halva

Funny you should ask

We happen to know a thing or two

Even we have to admit, how someone actually came up with halva is mystifying. We're shocked this individual didn't give up, throw in the tahini-towel, and make a sandwich instead.

Generally speaking, halva is the combination of a seed or nut butter and a sweetener. But the real magic lies in the process and technique; it's what creates the unique texture that is halva. In many regions of the world, one has to apprentice to become a halva master! Passed down from generation to generation, it's a skill that requires dedication, and strong shoulders. Architecturally speaking, it's a fascinating work of science and chemistry. We like to explain the texture as sort of a flaky, cottony, crispy, airy, melt-on-your-tongue lusciousness.

In the case of our halva, the primary ingredient is sesame seeds. When milled into a butter, this is known, transliterated, as tahini, and tahini is good stuff. Delicious and nutritious, if you're not familiar, now is a very good time to get familiar, as our halva contains tons of it.