Organic Double Chocolate Halva

Organic Double Chocolate Halva

USDA Organic
  • No Dairy
  • No Gluten
  • No GMO
  • Kosher
  • Kosher D.E.
  • No Nuts
  • No Soy
  • Vegan
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We have given into the will of the people. We have created for you the most chocolatey halva on this planet. And not only did we take on this task with outrageous amounts of zeal and excitement—we took on the task by not using some ho-hum-bland chocolate you find in those other... dare-we-even-call-it-halva; NAY, we've sourced for you the most robust, beautiful, organic, deep, dark, high-cocoa-content outrageously chocolatey chocolate for this halva. The chocolate notes are very complex—it's rich, decadent, fudgy, and titillatingly almost nutty—you will be hard-pressed to be able to ask yourself, "Where's the chocolate?"

So how exactly did it come to this... this moment of choco-fanaticism. Fair question. In the beginning there were just a few messages—they would trickle in on the company landline (fun!), and naturally, like all companies that love their customers, we loved hearing these messages. "Dear Hebel & Co, more chocolate, more chocolate, more chocolate," would be the messages left on the company message machine. Then over time the messages began to develop, shall we say, a certain... fervor. For example, one message: "If there was more chocolate in your halva I would just lose my mind with delight! My neighbors will hear me eating your halva, I'm telling you what Hebel & Co, if you know what I mean and the nearest neighbor is like a mile away! Are you catching my drift? Give me more chocolate Hebel & Co! More chocolate! Cover me in chocolate! I love your halva so much and if you add more chocolate, just forget it, the neighbors are in for a real treat!"

And so here we are. Double Chocolate. We've combined a very high percentage dark chocolate, undulating with lusciousness, with a naturally processed cocoa and the results are spectacular. The neighbors will hear you.